How A Pre-Listing Inspection Could Benefit You

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When it comes to the sale of a house, a home buyer adds the completion of a successful home inspection as a contingency to an offer on a home. Once buyers conduct the inspection, they have the power to negotiate with the seller regarding who pays for any necessary repairs, and they can even walk away from the deal altogether.

To wrestle some power back into their hands, an increasing number of sellers have resorted to having their homes inspected before they are put on sale. When sellers have a pre-listing home inspection, they are made aware of the condition of their home and can make repairs before listing it on the market if needed.

After an inspection, the seller of the home is more at ease because they are aware of most things that will show up in other home inspection reports. The likelihood of last-minute negotiations is reduced due to both parties being aware of items that will show up in the buyer’s inspection report.

The pre-listing inspection gives the buyer a look at items found during the pre-listing inspection and may make them feel more confident with the condition of the home. Most importantly, a pre-listing home inspection reduces the likelihood that a deal will fall through at the last minute.

While the benefits of having a pre-listing inspection outweigh the cons, knowing the drawbacks are equally important. All pre-listing inspections have to be paid for by the seller, but considering that the purchase price of a home is at stake, it’s a small price to pay.

Another aspect that works against a pre-listing inspection is that disclosure laws may require the seller of the home to disclose all items found in the home inspection to the buyer. However, if the seller doesn’t have the funds to repair the more essential items, it may make their home more difficult to sell or bring down the price of a home considerably.

At New Age Inspections, we believe that sellers should also be able to make informed decisions about home inspections. Knowing the benefits and disadvantages of a pre-listing inspection puts them in a better position to make a decision. If you make the choice to get a pre-listing inspection carried out, reach out to New Age Inspections - the most professional home inspection company in Saskatoon, SK. We’ll be happy to assess your home for you before you list it on the market.

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