How New Age Inspections Helped A Client Tackle A Home Odor Issue

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Considering that the home you are about to purchase is not only the most significant investment you may make in life but also where your family will spend the majority of their time, you want to ensure that the house is in pristine condition. While some aspects of the house may require repairs and some systems may need replacement, any health hazards have to be discovered and addressed as quickly as possible.

As home inspectors, our job is to ensure that if we find something amiss, we need to inform you about the issue as well as find a solution. Keep reading to learn about how New Age Inspections helped a client who was apprehensive about an odor in the house.

The Challenge: A weird smell emanating from the walls of the house.

Being in the home inspection industry, a client once approached us to carry out a home inspection for a potential home purchase. During the evaluation of the home, we noticed the presence of a weird smell. From our years of experience, we had reason to believe this smell was due to mold growth in a wall cavity. To confirm our doubts, a remediation company was hired to carry out an assessment of the home after our inspection.

However, they stated that they didn’t smell anything weird and there was no trace of mold growth in the home. We were unconvinced by their findings and had reason to believe that mold was the cause of the foul odor.

The Solution: Having air tests carried out, and hiring a professional remediation company to address the problem.

Convinced by our belief, we spoke to the buyers who were uneasy about the house purchase due to the weird smell. Once the first remediation company brushed our doubts aside, we set out to find the cause of the odor. Based on our experience and knowledge of how moisture can enter a home, we decided to have a closer look at the walls again and test them. We brought in our air testing equipment to verify our findings.

The results came back indicating the presence of elevated mold spores in the wall cavity. Based on our discovery we called in another remediation company that ran their own tests and concurred with our air quality report. They found the mold and treated the areas so that the issue was resolved and the foul odor no longer emanated from the walls.

While it took us around three business days to get the air quality sample results and resolve the issue, our biggest challenge in this particular case was finding the cause of the smell after the first remediation company shot down our views. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we were able to confirm our fears ourselves and get another remediation company to tackle the problem.

The Bottom Line

If the presence of mold was not found at the time of the home inspection, it could have been a potential health concern and a financial burden on the potential buyers. For these reasons, having an experienced home inspector evaluate your house before purchase ensures the safety of your family and investment. If you’re looking for a professional home inspection company in Saskatoon, SK, reach out to New Age Inspections. We make sure that as our client, you know and understand every fact about the property that you are purchasing and we will assist you in making a confident decision about your property.

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